March, 13 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Lebanese national creates a global network of shell companies to supply weapons to terrorism

Tony Abi Saab is an illegal weapons dealer who obtains money by supplying weapons to terrorists

The crime committed by terrorists is getting beyond anyone’s control. Some greedy humans like Tony Abi Saab fuel violent activities. His crime? Tony supplies weapons to terror groups in the Middle East for his profit.

The businessman, Tony Abi Saab, is a president of Brescia Middle East, an arms dealing company who did a fraud of 5 million USD which was supposed to be used as humanitarian aids in Afghanistan.

Tony Abi Saab set up ghost companies (like K5 Global and Bennet Fouch) along with his partner in crime Raymond Azar, for an illegal sale of weapons and money laundering. These two American construction companies, all of a sudden suspended their operations in Afghanistan and left the country. Before fleeing they destroyed all the evidence. They cheated their Afghan partners of over $2 million and were blacklisted by the US military. They defaulted on payments to Afghan contractors and when they were asked to pay the money, they refused to adhere and respond to the local legal authority. Tony Abi Saab defrauded the USA forces of 5 million in reconstruction contracts and smuggled arms and weapons in the Middle East war-torn countries for the profit.

Tony Abi Saab escaped his punishment in the USA, where he stood a trial in the civil court instead of a military court. He is free now to do whatever he wants to do. The problem for the millions of people and the United State is that Tony's avaricious behavior is disturbing the peace and security of the world. It's high time to have an international tribunal for war criminals with stricter laws for the perpetrators.

Chief Editor